Kapolondo expeditions is founded by Tony Kapolondo and operated by Ene Lepp, Tanzanian and Danish citizens who have been operating and organizing tourism business for the past 12 years

Tony Kapolondo who grew up in the national parks after his father Elias Ole Kapolondo being the first Masai senior chief park warden in Serengeti national park,Tarangire national park,Lake Manyara national park and Kilimanjaro national park.

Tony obtained his post graduate diploma from the college of African wildlife management   (Mweka) that led him to be the most respected Safari guide in Tanzania due to his expansive knowledge of wildlife management systems also from the hands of experience.Our tours vary from budget camping safari and luxury lodge and tented camp safari,our safari driver guides are professional and well trained to provide you with the best wildlife knowledge and experience also they speak languages Swahili,English,French,Danish,Russian,Spanish,Italian,German and Estonian.

Our company is registered in Tanzania and we are the member of TTB, TATO,IATA and ATA.


Your trip with Kapolondo Expeditions will be one full of adventure and one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime.