8 Days Rongai Route

The Rongai route begins on the northern side of the mountain. It is a long drive to the starting point but you are rewarded with fantastic views and sometimes you will be the only climbers around. If you take this route up the mountain you are obliged by park rules to descend via the Marangu Route which is the most popular and used route.

Day 01 : Pick up from Kilimanjaro Airport / Transfer to Machame Area
We will pick you up from the Kilimanjaro Airport and transfer you to Machame . It will take almost 1 hour to drive. Dinner and accommodation will be in the lodge We will give you all information about your holiday trough your driver and guide there.
→ Arrival to Tanzania Northern Part
→ Kaliwa Lodge
→ Kaliwa Lodge
→ Half board
Day 02 : Machame Area Activities
Today is special day for acclimatization of altitude, also is the security day as sometime your language remain at the transit Area and arrive the second day. You have time to relax at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, you can organize different trip direct from the reception like walking safari at the foot of Kilimanjaro for coffee plantation, Banana plantation, visit the Elephant Caves and cultural program. Overnight stay will be at the same Lodge.
→ Kilimanjaro security day.
→ Kaliwa Lodge
→ Kaliwa Lodge
→ Half Board
Day 03 :Drive to Machame Gate (1.840 m) Climbing to Machame Camp (2.990 m)
After breakfast we transfer you to the Machame Park Gate. After registration and the payments of fees we will begin our climb through the lush forest. You can hear the many exotic birds in the canopy above, and many even see black & white colobus monkeys and Sykes monkeys. We continue on to some heath land before reaching the Machame Camp at 2.990 m, just above the forest zone. The way is quite long but not steep. Dinner and overnight stay at Machame camp. 5-6 hours/ 11 km
→ Trekking through Machame Route
→ Machame Camp
→ Fully Board
Day 04 :Climbing from Machame Camp to Shira Camp 2 (3.840 m)
Our ascent continues across beautiful heath lands and alpine moorlands with beautiful views of Kilimanjaro Peak. We begin the steep track up through a savannah of tall grasses, and trees of Giant Heather and Erica. We enter the moorland zones, marked by lobelia and senecio plants and volcanic rocks. Dinner and overnight stay at Shira Camp.5-6 hours/ 5 km
→ Trekking to Shira
→ Shira Camp
→ Fully Board
Day 05 :Climbing from Shira Camp 2 to Barranco Camp (3.970 m)
After breakfast we come nearer to the peak as we get closer to the Lava Tower. The trek becomes a bit more strenuous as the trail steepens on the approach to the lava Tower, a 300 ft tall volcanic plug. In the afternoon we descend the steep track into the Great Barranco Valley. Then we slowly ascent to Barranco Camp on 3.970 m. This and the following day is an acclimatisation day. Dinner and overnight stay at Barancco Camp.5-6 hours/ 12 km
→ Trekking to Barrango
→ Barrango Camp
→ Fully Board
Day 06 :Climbing from Barranco Camp to Karanga Valley C. (3.955 m)
The day begins with a descent into the Gorge, before we climb its eastern wall where we can enjoy views of Kilimanjaro\’s ice fields. We continue trekking until we reach the Karanga Valley Camp. Dinner and overnight stay at Karanga valley camp.4-5 hours/ 6 km
→ Trekking to Karanga Valley
→ Karanga Camp
→ Fully Board
Day 07 :Climbing from Karanga Valley Camp to Barafu Camp (4.540 m)
After breakfast we trek up through Karanga Valley to the Barafu camp. Temperatures will get colder and the landscape becomes more sparse as we approach Barafu Camp. The Barafu Camp is located on a small, exposed plateau on a ridge, acting as a base camp from which we will attempt to reach the summit at midnight that day. Dinner and a short stay at Barafu camp.6-7 hours/ 5 km
→ Trekking to Barafu
→ Barafu Camp
→ Fully Board
Day 08 :Climbing to Uhuru Peak (5.895 m) Descend to Mweka Camp (3.100 m)
We get up at 11 p.m. and around midnight we start the ascent to the summit, passing between the Rebmann and Tarzel glaciers to the rim at Stella Point up to Uhuru Peak at 5.895 m altitude. We reach the summit in the early morning and after taking sunrise pictures we start descending to Barafu Camp, resting for a while before continuing our descent to Mweka Camp. Dinner and overnight stay at Mweka camp.12-13 hours/ 20 km
→ Trekking to Uhuru Peak / descend to Mweka
→ Mweka Camp
→ Fully Board
Day 09 :Descend from Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate (1.660 m)
After breakfast we walk down to the park gate and will be brought back to the hotel in Arusha. You can enjoy your afternoon at the hotel. In the evening we transfer you to the Airport / start the safari program.3-4 hours/ 10 km
→ Descend to Mweka Gate/ Airport
→ Breakfast only