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Camping Safaris in Africa are one of the greatest adventures that one may wish to go on in the world and we at Tanzania safari Supremacy make it happen regardless of what leads you into choosing a camping Safari. One may choose an African camping Safari because of traveling on budget, while some may choose a camping safari just for the sake of carving an adventure travel. We make it happen no matter what drives you into taking a camping safari in Tanzania.

Right in the heart of the African wilderness; sitting around a camp fire and sleeping amidst the sounds and roars of nightpredators comes with a special feeling of adventure. We provide all camping gear (except sleeping bags) during your safari and serve freshly cooked food that is prepared by our experienced safari cooks. Our cook and driver do all the setup for you and you only participate in that if you are after an active adventure.camping safari

All our lodge safaris can be done by basic camping and so it is a matter of your choice as to which safari program you wish to do on a camping option and we shall advise you on the price and provide you with a detailed safari itinerary.

What is important for us to know is:

When you wish to do a camping safari in Tanzania
How many days you wish to spend on safari
How many persons are travelling with you
Any specific park or reserve that you wish to visit